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The Wonder Pets! were created by Josh Selig, founder of Little Airplane Productions, debuted on Nick Jr and later Noggin in 2006. The animated children's TV series is a cutting edge, photo-puppetry creation in which detailed photos are taken of animals and manipulated like puppets would. Each character is known for various sayings and actions which the audience and sometimes the Wonder Pets! themselves anxiously await. Linny praises "Good eye, Tuck" and "This calls for some celery!" while Ming-Ming consistently describes the dire situation with a "This is seeweous!".

In each episode, numerous decorations and children artwork abound in the classroom foreshadowing the rescue to come as well as reinforcing the place the pets will return from. The three animals sing their way through the adventure in an operatta format. Music from the region being traveled to is also incorporated in each episode.

Every adventure predictably follows school children vacating a one room schoolhouse. Each character is a mild-mannered classroom pet whiling the day away in their cages until ... a tin-can with a string starts to ring a pencil holder. Each animal proceeds to escape their cage and head up to the shelf where the phone resides. After listening to the baby animal's call for help, all three jump into a box of fabric scraps, donning outfits from the region to be visited and eventually their caped costumes.

The Wonder Pets! travel to their destination in a toy sailboat called the "flyboat" created from toy parts, a frisbee, marker caps, a marble, etc that is reassembled each rescue. At times, difficulty in assembly arises whereby only teamwork will suffice. When saving an animal, typically the first attempt results in failure where the Wonder Pets! chant "What's gonna work ... Teamwork!".

Trivia: A ten member orchestra performs each episode which takes 33 weeks incidentally to create. All three characters are voiced by girls in the U.S. version. Feel free to look around a bit.

Meet The Wonder Pets!

Linny is a Guinea Pig (5-year-old) whose costume consists of a yellow cap with a blue cape. As the leader of The Wonder Pets!, she is obviously the more erudite of the crew often times giving supplemental information about their surroundings and constantly reminding Tuck & Ming-Ming about the value of teamwork. Linny is voiced by Isabella Moylan and her character started the entire phenomenon with a series of 3-minute shorts featured on Nick Jr titled "Linny the Guinea Pig" where she would explore everywhere from outer space to the deep ocean.

Turtle Tuck is a red eared slider terrapin (4-year-old) whose costume consists of a white French sailor's cap, blue sneakers, and a red cape. Tuck is voiced by Callum Hanks and is the most compassionate of the trio often wanting to give rescued animals hugs or company before they are rescued. Linny praises Tuck when he spots things from a distance.

Ming-Ming Duckling is a very confident sometimes over zealous young duckling (3-year-old) whose costume consists of an old leather pilot helmet, aviator goggles, and a green cape. She has the ability to fly and speak "bird-ease" to fellow birds, probably because she believes her great-grandfather was an eagle. Ming-Ming is voiced by Khloe Fry; initially her U.S. counterpart spoke her R's as W's upon auditioning, the producers thought it added so much to the part that she was asked to continue this impediment once it was lost.

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